What is my head size?

Your hat size is the circumference of your head. Here are the guidelines how to measure your head size:

Stand in front of the mirror. Place the measuring tape at the widest part of the back of your head. Place the beginning of the measuring tape at your forehead and move the other end of the tape around your head with a gap of about 2 cm above your ears and about 2 cm above your eyebrows. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight. Read the measurement – as an approximate guideline, the usual hat size for women is 54-60 cm. 

How does HEADQUARTER make headwear? 

Each HEADQUARTER hat is customized according to your measurement given when you place an order. The hat must perfectly match your head because only well-fitting headwear gives you the enjoyment you expect.

HEADQUARTER only uses high-quality materials, including rare and exclusive material such as parabuntal, baku, and others, which are not anymore produced today. The application of professional couture millinery techniques combined with the characteristic of the selected material is the basis for an elegant look and comfortable wearing experience.

All HEADQUARTER hats are produced in the millinery atelier in Olten, Switzerland.

HEADQUARTER couture headwear atelier          HEADQUARTER couture headwear millinery

How to store and take care of my hats?

For each HEADQUARTER headwear, you receive a customized hatbox. This box is perfectly suitable for storing and transporting your hat.

The way you should take care of your headwear depends on the material and form of the hat. You will find the individual care instructions according to the particular headwear you ordered in your hatbox.

HEADQUARTER couture headwear unpacking          HEADQUARTER couture headwear hatbox

A lifetime of service

HEADQUARTER provides continuous service, including care and repair, for each purchased headwear.

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